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Why would these billion dollar websites want to change, when its not broken? August 15, 2006

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Recently, I noticed billion dollar websites Yahoo, Google, MSN all revamping to get a new look. For the sake of users who have been comfortable with and gotten used to the old design interface, why would these big boys want to change.

And we users have to relearn, relocate where everything is. Changing the color of the site may be ok for that fresh look, but when you start moving links and buttons we have gotten used to, you mess things up, making things difficult.

May be new registered users are fine with it, but what about your millions of users who have been using the old interface. Well, think about it, its the good old interface that have gotten millions of users signing up and using and keep returning to your multi billion dollar sites. So the big question is why change?

Case study 1: Yahoo’s Revamp

Even on yahoo’s own blog most of the user’s prefer the old interface.

The old Yahoo interface was neat and user friendly. It’s just more inviting and sticky.Well, lets just see how successful the new look is. Wonder how much they’re paying the designer to design the new look???

New Yahoo

Old Yahoo

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Poll Question: Do you prefer the New Yahoo or the Old Yahoo?

Well if they won’t change nevermind. I’ll create my own directory and guess what, it will look like the old yahoo. So come on over to my website at http://www.MyFrens.com

It’s still a concept website with a dating & networking function as the main function at the moment, but I’d like user & community input on new functions. And thinking of adding a Yahoo like directory.

Case Study 2: Google
I’ve seen the proposed new google. And they want to put their images, video, news links on the side rather than on top as in their current site. It’ll just look aweful. Anyone from google reading this, please put in a suggestion. Don’t do it that way. It’ll make the google page look more clutered. Isn’t google suppose to be simple?

Same thing those corporations do with software. You get so accustomed to using it. Then they go and change the whole interface. You’d have to relearn all over again. It’s a waste of time. If they want to add additional functions just add on and leave the old buttons where they are. They need to revamp so people feel a need to buy the new version and not get left behind using the old version. It’s all about money, yeah.

An idea: for those open source software companies who want to compete. Never redesign or relocate buttons etc, simply add on more functions and add more customizable skins. I m sure you’ll have a big following by keeping to my thinking.

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You Too, Can Become a Millionaire Book by Ali Roger August 15, 2006

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I have released a new book titled You Too, Can Become a Millionaire. It shows you the practical steps to market your business and your self to earn a Million Dollars. For more info about the book go to my website at AliRoger.com

MyFrens.com Free Dating & social networking site has launched & taking on MySpace August 14, 2006

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MyFrens.com Free Dating & social networking site has launched.

As one of the founders of MyFrens.com, we intend to take on MySpace.com, but yes its very early stage. But we believe in our brand and domain to pull in the users.

We’re not backed by any corporate titans, just a one man show with a few helpers for now.

We’re starting from scratch, meaning we can be more flexible in terms of offering more features. Currently, I am looking for programmers and investors with solid ideas to build the MyFrens.com application website.

You can post your ideas here as comments or email me at mobilelaptopnet@yahoo.com

Mylo – Mobile Instant Messaging for free. May be… August 14, 2006

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Sony has has a new handheld device called “Mylo.”

Mylo is for those IM fanatics. It comes with Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and Skype, and supports instant messages as well as voice chat. The device uses WiFi for connectivity, so you can virtually mobile IM for FREE.

Mylo also supports MPEG4 video and MP3 and WMA audio. Screen size is 320×240 pixel, about the size of most webcam images. Battery life ranges from 7 to 45 hours. It has 1 GB of built-in memory which can be expanded using the memory stick duo.

Mylo also has a built-in web browser, so you can surf the net.

Jigsaw.com – Looking for a VIP Business Contact? August 14, 2006

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Looking for a Vip Business contact you can try your search at JigSaw.com. But you need toexchange one contact information in order to get two back. In a way it saves the cost of you buying a database list.

This website should be of use to small business owners needing access to the big guys.

An interview of JigSaw’s CEO Jim Fowler at Guy Kawasaki’s blog states that: Jigsaw deals only in information that is found on a business card—minus mobile numbers which are not allowed. This information is not protected by copyright or trade secret laws and generally exists in many places such as event programs, signature files, and business cards. Once converted into digital format this information gets replicated quickly and spreads, jumping from database to database. Eventually this information makes its way on to the databases of companies who sell this information to marketers, sales people and recruiters.

Any ideas on how its business model can be improved. Feel free to post your ideas as comments…

Ksolo.com – The web version of American Idol August 10, 2006

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Looks like you don’t have to go the hassle of joining American Idol to be an idol. Now you can do it on the web at ksolo.com

With the popularity of idol shows, this could be big.

Adify – Another way for bloggers to earn money. August 10, 2006

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Here’s a website called Adify.com allows advertisers to contact bloggers or other Web publishers directly.

Adify allows bloggers or like-minded sites to create their own network — as FM Publishing has done with tech bloggers — in order to make things simpler for advertisers who are looking for a one-stop shop. For example, Adify has formed a network for publishing sites covering the cycling industry. It is called Clip-Ins. This also creates a referral network: If one blog or Web site snags an advertiser on behalf of the network, that Web site gets a 10 percent commission for generating the deal.

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SecondLife – making money from a virtual world? August 10, 2006

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There is a website that makes money and allows people to make money in a virtual world. It’s called SecondLife. Its certainly different from other social networking community in that its graphically enhanced and you get to build your own 3D world.

People are making money buying and selling virtual real estate. Interesting… Practice buying and selling here first then go do it in the real world:)

The site is gaining popularity fast with big MNC companies like Coke and MTV who are starting to advertise in it.

Submit your stories and latest news on my blog at BillionDollarWebsites.com August 7, 2006

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Here you can submit your stories and latest news items.

Just post your stories as comments and I will do my best to feature it on the front of BillionDollarWebsites.com

NOTE: Stories need to be related to the topic of this blog.

Topics may include:

– Websites that may be worth billions or hundreds of millions in the future.

– Websites that are currently worth billions or hundreds of millions today.

– Websites with thousands or hundreds of registered users.

– New upcoming websites

– New website ideas or concepts or workflow and communication concepts

– New business ideas or concepts

– Marketing ideas

– Social Networking ideas

– Websites partnerships & joint venture news

– Websites deals & sales & takeovers

How to make a lot of money online via adsense…Markus Frind and plentyoffish.com did it and made $1 million dollars August 7, 2006

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It’s amazing living in this day and age how people make lots of money. This Markus Frind guy is brilliant. A complete DIY millionaire and I am sure lots of people want to follow his steps.

His website plentyoffish.com is doing tons of traffic and he’s earning $1,000,000 just by placing adsense advertisements on it.

Let’s take a look and see if anyone can comment on the elements that made his website so popular? Two key elements I would like to discuss:

1. The website’s name: plentyoffish.com
2. The website’s design

Firstly the name of his website plentyoffish.com…Well on the good side, it sounds pretty catchy and has a high chance of people word mouthing it off. But the words plentyoffish itself does not look so good when you type it in the browser url or displayed as an advertisement. Looks a bit funny. lol. Well thats my view.

Secondly, most people have said the design of his website is poor. So in my opinion I would agree. But in terms of user friendlyness, its pretty user friendly and simple to navigate. That’s why users are sticking around.

Let’s see if there would be any design changes on the site soon, keeping in mind the design feedbacks.

As for it becoming a billiondollarwebsites.com webby well I would say may be not…but a hundred million dollars worth may be:)

Well we’ll just monitor it on my website blog at: http://www.BillionDollarWebsites.com